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Our Mission

Nurse with patient sitting on bench together looking at tablet

Autumn Home Plus, Inc. considers your trust in our team to be invaluable. With this, we make it our main priority to ensure the safety and the peace of mind for your loved one.

Autumn Home Plus, Inc. was opened for business in 2007 by Betty Carswell who was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field. She started her career as a Certified Nursing Aide. While working as an aide, she saw the need for individualized and personal care for the elderly. Her dream was to build and own her own small care home for the elderly.

She worked for several years as a certified aide and then became a home health aide. Working as a home health aide, she became more aware of what the elderly really wanted, which is mostly, care in their later years. Many would tell her, “I just want to be in my home again and not be in a place that makes me feel like I’m in a hospital or institution.”
While working in a large nursing home, she was encouraged by her supervisor to become a medication aide and further her knowledge in the health field. She never imagined that being in her thirty’s, she could still possibly go much further, so she decided she would get her medication aide certification. In 1988, she seriously considered going on to nursing school. This would really be a challenge, she thought, since she was already 38 years old, single, and with one son still at home.
One day, when she was working, she picked up a magazine with an article written by Norman Vincent Peale. When she read the article, it was so inspiring. It said, “Things will be great in 88”. She took that as a sign from above, and within 3 months, she was in a nursing program.

It took some time, hard work, and lost sleep, but she graduated in 1989 and started her nursing career. Dreams do come true, and she still believes those words from Norman Vincent Peale and the encouragement from her RN supervisor’s belief in her are some of the things that kept her going – and made her dream a reality.
Many years were spent working in large nursing homes, home health nursing, and private care nursing, but she knew in her heart that her dream to have her own home for the elderly would be a reality.

The dream begins in 2005 when she opens her adult day care. Working in home health, she realized that there were family members caring for their elderly parents but still has to go to work. The daycare would be perfect for these families and it was very successful. She also realized that the time would come these elderly people would need full-time care.
In 2007, she was financially able to sell the building that housed her daycare and bought a home that would become Autumn Home Plus, Inc. Her first residents were the same people she was caring for in her daycare. In 2017, Betty retired and her son Jason and Missy Creollo purchased the company from her. Missy has been with Betty for the last 10 years, running all kinds of operations. It is on its second generation, and there are 2 homes and a third on its way.
Never give up on your dreams, anything is possible and within your reach. Just believe in yourself!